How to Create and Information Product That People Will Buy Fast -

*Free Webinar Training... How to Create Information Products That People Happily and Actually Pay For in the Next 3 Days... Even If...

  • You Don’t Have Enough Time, Money or Know-How
  • You Are Struggling in Your Business
  • You Are Totally Clueless and Lack Self-Confidence
  • You Just Want Some Extra Money Without Working Harder
  • You Think Your Industry or Profession is “Different” So You Can’t Do It…
  • You Have Never Been Online
  • You Have Failed in the Past
  • You Are Afraid of Failing
  • You Are Totally Frustrated, Pissed Off and Overwhelmed
  • You Are Already CRUSHING IT… and Just Want New Ways to Uplevel Fast without Headaches

At The Training You'll Discover:

  • The YAY B.L.A.S.T. Money Method™- The 3 Day System For Creating Products That People Actually Want To Buy (aka Self-Selling Solutions)
  • star
    Why You Should NOT Niche Down Or Worry About Client Avatars… And Doing So, Is Simply Leaving Money On The Table…
  • star
    A Writer’s Block, Procrastination Free, Easy Button Approach to Outlining Your Product So It Basically Writes itself…
  • The One Thing That All Information Products Must Have Built Into It (But Most Don’t) So That People Will Come Back For More And Tell Their Friends
  • Why “The Information Product Rules” Are 100% Necessary For Every Else… And A Waste Of Time And Energy For A Completely Under The Radar Solo Biz Owner, Like Me (And You, If You Do These Few Things)
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    3’ds  And The 2e’s of Profitable Evergreen Problems That People Will Pay To Have Solved Every Time...
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    Why Looking For People “With Money” Is Not Necessary When You Can Solve Problems That People Will Pay To Have Solved…

AND More...

Hey There! Tiphanie Jamison, here…Holder of the #1 Spot on Google and Bing for Leverageable Income, Best-Selling Author, Attorney and Software Developer… My philosophy is “Never Compete Create”… Generate Revenue WHILE Building Authority and Differentiation-- Multiple Streams of Cash Flow and Wealth By Creating an Unduplicatable Category of 1 for Which YOU ARE the Immediate and Only Authority-Harnessing the Power of 2 Psychological Principles + Leverage+ Automation; Seducing Your Prospects to Choose YOU Creating Win/Win situations While Staying True to Yourself, Having Fun and Your Self-Respect intact… without BS or Hype. My client’s call me “The Monetizer Bunny” because of my laser focus on generating win/win income by providing maximum value to others over and over again...

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